ONLINE COLORING - Color beautiful pictures right on your iPad or computer!

READING GAMES - Practice your reading and win games at the same time!

JUEGOS ESPAÑOLES - ¡Diviértete jugando juegos en español!

MAKE YOUR OWN COMICS - Do you love Graphic Novels and Comics? Create you own and bring your characters to life!

TANGRAMS - Create pictures out of fun and colorful shapes!

VIRTUAL PIANO - Practice playing this awesome instrument virtually!

CAN YOU DO THE DEWEY? - Try shelving books like Ms. G does in the library!

DEWEY JEOPARDY - Can you guess the right Dewey Decimal number for these book topics?

SHELVE THE BOOKS! - Work on your library shelving skills

TREASURE MAP GRAPHING - Think you can follow these grid coordinates and help pirates find the treasure? Test yourself!

PUZZLES - Work on all your puzzle skills. Start with an easy one and keep going until you are at the highest level!

TYPING PRACTICE - Test your typing skills here! You may be fast, but are you accurate?