Friday is Water Field Day!

We are so excited for our Bobcats to participate in our fourth Field/Water  Day! We can't wait for students to have some fun playing games outside while working on our motto: “IT’S WE NOT ME!”   

Please remind your students to wear their team color on Friday, JUNE 3RD  for the big day! Remember to have students bring a change of clothes because they will get wet! 

There will be 6 stations for the students to compete in.  They will compete against classes at the same grade level. Each class will compete in ALL 6 stations.

Coach E will collect a list of names at the end of the event of the students that showed amazing teamwork and sportsmanship.  Teachers and volunteers will be on the lookout to find students exhibiting these ROARing qualities.  They will be given a reward for their efforts! 

Encourage your students to bring water and don't forget to wear sunscreen!

Games will start at 8:15 on the dot for K-3, make sure to come to school on time! Games for 4th and 5th grade will start promptly after recess.

Students will have a special surprise for the students after lunch for participating in Water/Field Day!

We can't wait for the games to begin! Go Bobcats!